Crown Us With Laurel

Crown Us With Laurel: The Autobiography of a Book
by Lois Silverstein
Red Shoes Press: Berkeley, CA, 2012
ISBN 978-1-47712-737-7
$19.95, plus tax

Ebook: available as Epub or Mobi
ISBN: 978-1-47712-738-4
$3.99, plus tax

“This is a book about making a book, how one writer turns the fairy dust of imagination into real talk. It shows the growth of a full-scale work of art out of a transitory image, thus bridging the psychological and the spiritual, the person and the world s/he lives in…

“Paper and pen had become extensions of my hand, and my heart and mind, as well as a way to find them. That was the miracle. By “chance,” I discovered what I had heretofore lacked – access to my mind, thinking and feeling, sensing and being, and without interference of any kind. For the first time I could see how I could be alone but not lonely. For the first time I could be free and without danger, free and speak without correction, free and explore with only wind in my sails. It was a miracle.

Writing this book pays tribute to that miracle. In it, I created a place where I could draw together what my writing became over the years, where it led me, and how: my wordhorde as the poet of Beowulf said. I offer it to those of you who might find camaraderie in it nights while you ply your craft under the small lamp, or days when you stride hiking trails and chant stories that beg for paper.”
-from Crown Us With Laurel

“What a lovely book: lovingly told, informative and inviting. The story of a woman coming into writing does much for our understanding of the creative process. Here’s a book that takes us through the inside and outside of a woman’s writing journey. At the end, we discover that it is all in our hands, this writing, and in our hearts. Do we dare?”
-MeMe Riordan, Professor Emeritus, English Department, City College of San Francisco

“With her usual passion and intensity – it gives me pause that that could be usual, but with Lois it surely is – with her usual passion and intensity, Lois has created a tender, wild and revealing autobiographical journey. A journey that is not a gentle meander through the meadow or along the sidewalk of the shopping mall, but is a strong emotional journey of slashing a path through a sometimes painful thicket of self discovery. She has written herself into meaning – once again. Brava.”
-Sue von Baeyer, PhD, psychologist and psychoanalyst

Available at Red Shoes Press (510-464-3051), and online at (1-888-795-4274); at, and Barnes&Noble.

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